Unlabeled Tubulin

Our cryopreserved bovine tubulin has unmatched solubility and activity.

We specialize in isolating highly pure and functional tubulin protein from animal tissue. Our in-house production facilitates tight control over the quality, consistency, and availability of our protein reagents, and we promote full transparency into our production pipeline. Our stock products include >99% pure bovine protein in both cryopreserved and lyophilized forms. Our cryopreserved bovine tubulin maintains optimal solubility and polymerization activity for in vitro research applications and is our best-seller for life science researchers. Our lyophilized bovine tubulin is ideal for customers who necessitate shipping and storage at ambient temperatures, and can be cleared of any protein aggregates upon reconstitution with a high-speed centrifugation spin. Our lyophilized tubulin protein comparable to other commercially available tubulin protein reagents while our cryopreserved tubulin protein is a premium reagent unmatched by other suppliers.

As stock products, both our cryopreserved and lyophilized are available for next-day delivery to your benchtop. We also offer custom purification services when a particular tubulin species, storage buffer, or aliquot size is desired – inquire here.

Compare our two Unlabeled Tubulins:

Optimal solubility and activity.  Performance unmatched by other protein suppliers.

Cycled Tubulin turbidity assay
Cycled Tubulin Purity
  • >99% pure
  • $225 / mg
  • Dry ice shipping and -80˚C storage


Ross T, et al. Controlling Organization And Forces In Active Matter Through Optically Defined Boundaries. Nature. 2019.
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Economic option ideal for storage and shipping at ambient temperatures.  Comparable to Cytoskeleton Inc. T240.

Lyophilized Tubulin turbidity assay
Lyophilized : Non-Cycled Tubulin Purity
  • >99% pure
  • $125 / mg
  • Shipping and storage at ambient temperatures


Yao XQ, et al. Navigating the Conformational Landscape of G Protein-Coupled Receptor Kinases during Allosteric Activation. J Biol Chem. 2017.
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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer two distinct unlabeled tubulin protein reagents to give you control over product quality and pricing. Our best-selling Cycled Tubulin™ is isolated from bovine by successive polymerization/depolymerization cycles and cryopreserved. The enhanced solubility and polymerization activity of Cycled Tubulin™ make it the best performing tubulin protein reagent on the market. Lyophilized Tubulin is purified from bovine by selective precipitation and lyophilized for storage at room temperature, and is comparable to other commercially available tubulin protein reagents. Both protein products are >99% pure.

Cycled Tubulin is a premium research-grade product recommended for most experimental applications, especially for use in microscopy-based assays.  Cycled Tubulin demonstrates significantly increased solubility and polymerization competency in comparison to Lyophilized Tubulin as evidenced in the turbidity plots below, allowing researchers to assess a broader dynamic range of tubulin activity.  However, as Cycled Tubulin is cryopreserved, it requires shipping on dry ice and storage at -80˚C.  We offer Lyophilized Tubulin for use in contexts wherein deep freeze storage conditions are not available because of its long-term stability at room temperature.  Lyophilized Tubulin serves as an economical option for population-level assays and high-throughput screening applications. Lyophilized Tubulin is comparable to Cytoskeleton Inc.’s product #T240.

Side-by-side comparison of Cycled Tubulin (Cat. No. 032005) and Lyophilized Tubulin (Cat. No. 142001) in a turbidity assay wherein microtubule polymerization is monitored by light scattering.

Side-by-side comparison of Cycled Tubulin and Lyophilized Tubulin in a turbidity assay wherein microtubule polymerization is monitored by light


The product quantity refers to the amount of tubulin or actin protein provided. For example, 3 mg Ultra-Pure Actin (Cat. No. 160303) is 3 mg actin protein supplied as 9 mg powder.

Yes, we are happy to cater to custom requests with no upcharge (a minimum order quantity may be required).  Contact the Solutions Team to submit your request and receive pricing.  We will respond within 1 business day if not sooner.

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