Our Cycled Tubulin™ and Lyophilized Tubulin products differ in their isolation method, storage method, and pricing. Lyophilized Tubulin is isolated by selective precipitation and subsequently lyophilized, while Cycled Tubulin™ is isolated by successive rounds of polymerization and depolymerization and subsequently cryopreserved. In general, we recommend Cycled Tubulin™ for use in fluorescence-based assays and Lyophilized Tubulin for use in turbidity-based applications. Both products are isolated from bovine brain and guaranteed >99% pure.

Cycled Tubulin™

Cycled Tubulin turbidity assay

Cycled Tubulin Purity PurSolutions

Purity: >99%

Storage: Cryopreserved

Pricing: < $150/mg

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Lyophilized Tubulin

Lyophilized Tubulin turbidity assay

Non-Cycled Tubulin Purity PurSolutions

Purity: >99%

Storage: Lyophilized

Pricing: < $105/mg

Compare to Cytoskeleton Inc.’s product T240.

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