Cryopreserved versus Lyophilized Tubulin Protein:

We offer two unlabeled tubulin protein reagents to give you control over product quality and pricing. Our best-selling Cycled Tubulin™ is isolated from bovine by successive polymerization/depolymerization cycles and cryopreserved. The enhanced solubility and polymerization activity of Cycled Tubulin™ make it the best performing tubulin protein reagent on the market. Lyophilized Tubulin is purified from bovine by selective precipitation and lyophilized for storage at room temperature, and is comparable to other commercially available tubulin protein reagents. Both protein products are >99% pure.

Cycled Tubulin™

Cycled Tubulin turbidity assay

Cycled Tubulin Purity PurSolutions

Purity: >99%

Storage: Cryopreserved

Pricing: < $150/mg

Find out why Cycled Tubulin™ is our best seller!

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Lyophilized Tubulin

Lyophilized Tubulin turbidity assay

Non-Cycled Tubulin Purity PurSolutions

Purity: >99%

Storage: Lyophilized

Pricing: < $105/mg

Compare to Cytoskeleton Inc.’s product T240.

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