Bovine tubulin protein of >99% purity.
Fluorescent conjugates for superior visualization.

Tubulin Protein Tubulin structure

Tubulin, the proteinaceous building block of microtubules, is required for several essential eukaryotic processes including intracellular transport, intercellular signaling, extracellular sensing, cell migration, and cell division. There are many isotypes of tubulin including alpha, beta, gamma, delta, and epsilon, as well as multiple isoforms of each. There are also prokaryotic homologs including FtsZ and TubZ. The most prevalent form of tubulin in animals is a heterodimer of α/β tubulin, and as such the term “tubulin” commonly refers to this most abundant form of the protein.

Tubulin polymerizes into higher order filaments termed microtubules. Microtubules are commonly referred to as the “molecular highways” of the cell, serving as the track for kinesin and dynein motor proteins. Given the asymmetry of tubulin heterodimers, microtubules have inherent polarity with distinct “minus” (α-tubulin exposed) and “plus” (β-tubulin exposed) ends. The GTPase activity of tubulin confers dynamic force-generating capabilities to microtubules that are critical for cell division, and inhibiting the enzymatic activity of tubulin is used in the treatment of many types of cancers. Given its remarkable properties and relevance to human health and disease, tubulin has been the subject of intensive research across multiple disciplines for many decades.

We specialize in isolating and modifying native tubulin protein from bovine neuronal tissue for in vitro research use. Our tubulin protein reagents primarily consist of α/β tubulin heterodimers as revealed by mass spectrometry analysis, with the most abundant isotypes including αI-, βII-, βIII-, and βIV. Our stock products include cryopreserved and lyophilized native bovine tubulin, as well as bovine tubulin functionalized with fluorescent dyes for visualization and affinity tags for immobilization onto solid surfaces such as glass coverslips and beads.

1. Unlabeled Tubulin Protein

We isolate native tubulin protein from bovine neuronal tissue to >99% purity and store it in both cryopreserved and lyophilized forms. Our Cycled Tubulin (cryopreserved) outperforms in solubility and polymerization competency as our premium research-grade reagent. Our Lyophilized Tubulin is stored and shipped at room temperature and caters to researchers and students with budgetary or cold storage restrictions. To learn more, please click on the product below. We also offer custom purification services – submit an inquiry here.

2. Labeled Tubulin Protein

We carry a variety of labeled tubulin proteins as stock products including a range of Alexa Fluor® conjugates and a long-chain biotin derivative listed below. We achieve an optimal labeling stoichiometry to deliver more signal with less protein, all without worrying about loss of activity. Visualize the microtubule network like never before with these functionalized tubulin reagents. To learn more, please click on the product below. We also offer custom labeling services – submit an inquiry here.

Customer Testimonial

“The Cycled Tubulin from PurSolutions is qualitatively as good as the one that we make in the lab. It is usable for live polymerization assay. To our knowledge, no other company managed to achieve this before and we can definitely recommend it!”

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