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Terms and Conditions Cycled Tubulin Recurring Reagent 2019-2020

This agreement is with PurSolutions, LLC. Unless terms are specifically stated here, please refer to our general Terms and Conditions or contact [email protected]. PurSolutions reserves the right to revise these Terms at any time by updating this posting. You are encouraged to review these Terms frequently.

Subscription Terms and Conditions

Subscriptions are non-cancelable and non-returnable. For annual subscriptions, pricing is subject to change. New pricing takes effect upon renewal of your subscription.

Your annual subscription will start when PurSolutions confirms your payment and will continue for a period of one year. Annual subscriptions may be purchased via purchase order or credit card. Contact [email protected] for more info. Annual subscriptions are paid in full in advance, unless otherwise agreed upon. We do not auto-renew any policies. At the end of the annual subscription period, you will be contacted by PurSolutions personnel to see if you would like to renew. If renewal is not chosen, the subscription will be considered finished and will be offered to other customers. Subscription pricing is subject to change. New pricing will only take effect upon renewal of your subscription.

Cancellation Policy

You may only cancel your current Annual Subscription during the first month of the subscription by contacting [email protected]. If you cancel your annual subscription, you will be refunded half of your subscription fee. You do not need to return any product.

PurSolutions has the right to cancel the subscription at any time for any reason. If the annual subscription is canceled by PurSolutions, you will be refunded based on how many quarters you were subscribed (i.e. if you received only the first quarter shipment, you will be refunded ¾ of the subscription).

Proprietary Rights

You acknowledge and agree that the product and protocols are the property of PurSolutions. You agree not to sell, license, rent, or distribute any product sold to you. Product is for in vitro research only. Except as expressly set forth in these Terms, no license is granted to you and no rights are conveyed by virtue of using our products. All rights not granted under these Terms are reserved by PurSolutions.

Last updated: July 18, 2019

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