• PurSolutions receives SBIR Matching Fund administered by LaunchTN
    The SBIR Matching Fund is administered by LaunchTN to advance commercialization efforts via a matching of funding awarded to Tennessee based early-stage companies through successful
  • PurSolutions expands its reach by partnering with Antibodies-Online
    PurSolutions partnered with Antibodies-Online to distribute products to over 50 countries on 3 continents. Antibodies-Online is known as the premier online marketplace for proteomic
  • PurSolutions co-founders Dr. Emma Sturgill and Mr. Beattie Sturgill present their “lessons learned” to the National Science Foundation
    Emma and Beattie attended and presented at the NSF SBIR/STTR Phase I Grantee Workshop held on March 19th-21st, 2018 in Arlington, VA. The workshop
  • PurSolutions sponsors biophysics conference
    PurSolutions, LLC financially contributed to the Biophysical Society Annual Meeting in San Francisco, CA to help support the Motility and Cytoskeleton subgroup chaired
  • PurSolutions co-founder Dr. Emma Sturgill represents life science startups at the Tennessee General Assembly
    Emma was invited to speak on behalf of life science startups in Tennessee to the Tennessee General Assembly Business and Utilities committee. She
  • PurSolutions participates in Life Science Tennessee’s “Day on the Hill”
    Good policy is critical to building the life science industry in Tennessee. Whether it be practical regulatory processes or access to capital, Life
  • PurSolutions opens location in Nashville-based life sciences center
    PurSolutions, LLC opened its doors at the Cumberland Emerging Technologies (CET) Life Sciences Center in Nashville, TN. The CET Life Sciences Center is
  • PurSolutions receives Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant from the National Science Foundation
    PurSolutions, LLC was awarded funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to develop novel STEM education products that bridge the gap between biology
  • PurSolutions launches Recurring Reagent™ plan
    PurSolutions, LLC launched a subscription plan for lyophilized reagents coined “Recurring Reagent™.” Upon witnessing the frustrations and delays that researchers face in navigating
  • PurSolutions sponsors cytoskeletal conference
    PurSolutions, LLC financially contributed to the Gordon Research Conference (GRC) Motile and Contractile Systems to help support the participation of students and postdocs
  • PurSolutions now shipping to over 11 countries in Europe
    PurSolutions, LLC partnered with Biomol GmbH to distribute products internationally. Biomol is renowned for their curated collection of life science reagents from specialized
  • PurSolutions launches biotin-labeled tubulin
    PurSolutions, LLC added tubulin conjugated with Biotin-XX to its product line to cater to biophysicists and nanotechnologists studying self-assembling polymers. Tubulin functionalized with
  • PurSolutions adds actin protein to its product list
    PurSolutions, LLC added two varieties of purified actin protein to its portfolio: Ultra-Pure Actin and Pure Actin. Differing in their degree of purity,
  • PurSolutions develops new website
    PurSolutions, LLC launched a new website focused on straightforward navigation and insightful content. Complete with protocols, datasheets, quote request forms, and a help desk,
  • PurSolutions launches dye-labeled tubulin products
    PurSolutions, LLC added tubulin conjugated with Alexa Fluor® dyes to its product line with microscopists and biophysicists in mind. Tubulin functionalized with fluorescent dyes
  • PurSolutions first to offer cycled, cryopreserved tubulin protein
    PurSolutions, LLC emerged on the scene of life science suppliers with its offering of Cycled Tubulin. Purified from bovine neuronal tissue by subsequent rounds
  • PurSolutions, LLC is formed
    PurSolutions, LLC was formed by co-founders Prashant Singh, Beattie Sturgill, and Dr. Emma Sturgill. PurSolutions was founded on a deep-rooted fascination with the