Labeled Actin

Custom actin purifications and labeling to meet your specifications.

We functionalize actin from rabbit skeletal muscle with fluorescent dyes and biomolecules for use in various applications ranging from live cell injection to in vitro nanoscale devices. The process of “labeling” actin protein utilizes amine-reactive compounds that conjugate to random surface lysines of G-actin monomers.

The labeling reaction is carried out with pre-polymerized actin filaments in order to prevent the reactive compound from binding to and disrupting the polymerization interface between two actin monomers. The labeled actin is subsequently depolymerized and taken through an additional polymerization and depolymerization cycle to select for maximum polymerization competency.

We offer custom synthesis of fluorescently labelled actin conjugates as well as biotinylated actin. We also offer purification of actin from other tissue and species. Submit an initial project inquiry inf the form below.

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