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Microtubule-Mediated Myelination, Synthetic MAPs, and Unusual Critical Concentrations

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The Golgi Outpost Protein TPPP Nucleates Microtubules and Is Critical for Myelination

Fu et al. | Bechstedt and Barres Labs | Cell
Oligodendrocytes extend dozens of protrusions that envelop neighboring axons in insulating myelin sheaths. An intriguing population of lamellar microtubules spiral around the myelin sheath and are linked to diseases of hypomyelination, yet the intricacies of this complex microtubule architecture are unknown. In this study, Fu et al. identify TPPP (tubulin polymerization promoting protein) as a critical component of Golgi outposts involved in nucleating microtubules distal to the cell body, an activity that proves critical for myelin elongation. The researchers further leverage TPPP to purify and characterize Golgi outposts from rat brains. Through a combination of biophysical, cell culture, and in vivo experimentation, this study elucidates novel insights into microtubule-mediated myelin deposition that may inform future efforts to regrow myelin destroyed in diseases such as multiple sclerosis. (Read)

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Axonal Transport: Driving Synaptic Function

A review of the long-range transport systems in neurons. (Read)
Guedes-Dias and Holzbaur | Science

Journal Club Picks

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  • Microtubules have at least 2 relevant critical concentrations.
    Jonasson et al. | Goodson Lab | Molecular Biology of the Cell
  • Short synthetic peptides regulate microtubule dynamics, track plus ends, and more.
    Drechsler | Diez Lab | Molecular Biology of the Cell
  • In contrast to dynein, kinesin must work in teams to maneuver around obstacles.
    Ferro | Yildiz Lab | eLife
  • A high-speed optical trap resolves the force-generating working stroke of cardiac myosin.
    Woody et al. | Ostap and Goldman Labs | eLife
  • Actin in the Plasmodium parasite demonstrates an unusually high critical concentration.
    Lu et al. | Trybus Lab | Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
  • APC-mediated actin assembly promotes microtubule capture at focal adhesions.
    Juanes et al. | Goode Lab | Journal of Cell Biology

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