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  • Makaros et al. Mol. Cell. 2023
    A study by Makaros et al. explores the role of C-terminal degrons in ubiquitin-independent proteasomal degradation. The study suggests that this mechanism may be crucial in coping with aberrant proteins accumulated in response to cellular stress. The conservation of C-degron-mediated degradation from bacteria to humans is also discussed, highlighting its evolutionary significance. Read the article.
  • Lawrence et al. J Cell Biol. 2023
    The Zanic lab uses an array of nucleotides and analogs to demonstrate that CLASP1 dictates microtubule stability in a nucleotide-dependent manner. The authors conclude that CLASPs stabilize an intermediate state of microtubules as they transition from growth to shrinkage. Read the article.
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Solve the Structure

This enzyme is crucial for DNA replication and transcription by altering the degree of supercoiling in the DNA.


Notable Retractions

Combination of sphingosine-1-phosphate receptor 1 (S1PR1) agonist and antiviral drug: a potential therapy against pathogenic influenza virus.
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Funding Opportunities


Upcoming Grant Deadlines:

  • NIH – R01 Research Grants, June 5th, 2023
  • NIH – K Research Career Development, June 12th, 2023
  • NIH – R15 Academic Research Enhancement Award (AREA), June 25th, 2023

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