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2024 | Cy5 Tubulin | Tubulin PEM (BRB80) Buffer

Niedzialkowska, Ewa, Truong, Tan M., Eldredge, Luke A., (2024) Chromosomal passenger complex condensates generate parallel microtubule bundles in vitro, Journal of Biological Chemistry, 105669, ISSN 0021-9258. Link

2024 | Alexa Fluor 647 Tubulin

Labastide, J.A., Quint, D.A., Cullen, R.K. et al. (2023) Non-specific cargo–filament interactions slow down motor-driven transport. Eur. Phys. J. E 46 134. Link

2024 | Cycled Tubulin

Zaferani, M., Song, R., Petry, S., & Stone, H. A. (2023). Building on-chip cytoskeletal circuits via branched microtubule networks. bioRxiv, 2023-10. Link

2023 | Cy5 Tubulin | Cycled Tubulin

Sladewski, T. E., Campbell, P. C., Billington, N., D’Ordine, A., Cole, J. L., & de Graffenried, C. L. (2023). Cytokinesis in Trypanosoma brucei relies on an orphan kinesin that dynamically crosslinks microtubules. Current biology : CB33(5), 899–911.e5. Link

2023 | Alexa Fluor 647 Tubulin | Cy5 Tubulin

Rahi, A., Chakraborty, M., Agarwal, S., Vosberg, K. M., Agarwal, S., Wang, A. Y., McKenney, R. J., & Varma, D. (2023). The Ndc80-Cdt1-Ska1 complex is a central processive kinetochore-microtubule coupling unit. The Journal of cell biology, 222(8), e202208018. Link

2023 | Cycled Tubulin

Guo, C., Alfaro-Aco, R., Zhang, C. et al. (2023). Structural basis of protein condensation on microtubules underlying branching microtubule nucleation. Nat Commun 14, 3682. Link

2023 | Cycled Tubulin

Gouveia, B., Setru, S.U., King, M.R. et al. (2023). Acentrosomal spindles assemble from branching microtubule nucleation near chromosomes in Xenopus laevis egg extract. Nat Commun 14, 3696. Link

2023 | Alexa Fluor 647 Tubulin | Cycled Tubulin | Tubulin PEM (BRB80) Buffer

Franky Djutanta, Peter T. Brown, Bonfilio Nainggolan, Douglas P. Shepherd. (2023). Decoding the hydrodynamic properties of microscale helical propellers from Brownian fluctuations. The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS). Link

2022 | Cycled Tubulin

Polenova, T., Guo, C., Alfaro-Aco, R., Zhang, C., Russell, R., and Petry, S. (2022). Structural Basis of Protein Condensation on Microtubules. Research Square. Link

2022 | Biotinylated | Cycled Tubulin

Carrier, Joseph S., Torvi, J. R., Jenson, E., Jones, C., Gangadharan, B., and Miller, M.P., (2022). Stimulating microtubule growth is not the essential function of the microtubule polymerase Stu2. bioRxiv Link

2022 | Cycled Tubulin

Murray, Lucas E., Kim, H., Rice, L. M., and Asbury, C. L. (2022). Catching the Conformational Wave: Measuring the Working Strokes of Protofilaments as They Curl Outward from Disassembling Microtubule Tips. In Optical Tweezers, pp. 653-676. Humana, New York, NY. Link

2022 | Biotin-XX Tubulin

Schneider, Maximilian WG, Gibson, B. A., Otsuka, S., FD Spicer, M., Langer, C. CH., et al. (2022). A mitotic chromatin phase transition prevents perforation by microtubules. Nature 609, no. 7925: 183-190. Link

2022 | Alexa Fluor 488 Tubulin

Hibino, E., Ichiyama, Y., Tsukamura, A., Senju, Y., Morimune, T., Ohji, M., … & Mori, M. (2022). Bex1 is essential for ciliogenesis and harbours biomolecular condensate-forming capacity. BMC biology, 20(1), 1-21. Link

2022 | Cycled Tubulin

Rale, M., Romer, B., Mahon, B. P., Travis, S. M., & Petry, S. (2022). The conserved centrosomal motif, γTuNA, forms a dimer that directly activates microtubule nucleation by the γ-tubulin ring complex (γTuRC). bioRxiv, 2022-04. Link

2022 | Alexa Fluor 647 Tubulin

Rahi, A., Chakraborty, M., Agarwal, S., Vosberg, K., Agarwal, S., Wang, A. Y., … & Varma, D. (2022). The Ndc80-Cdt1-Ska1 complex constitute a minimal processive kinetochore-microtubule coupling unit. bioRxiv, 2022-05. Link

2022 | Cycled Tubulin

Hochmair, J., Exner, C., Franck, M., Dominguez‐Baquero, A., Diez, L., Brognaro, H., … & Wegmann, S. (2022). Molecular crowding and RNA synergize to promote phase separation, microtubule interaction, and seeding of Tau condensates. The EMBO Journal, 41(11), e108882. Link

2022 | Cy5 Tubulin

Gouveia, B., Setru, S. U., King, M. R., Stone, H. A., Shaevitz, J. W., & Petry, S. (2022). Acentrosomal spindles assemble from branching microtubule nucleation near chromosomes. Biorxiv, 2022-02. Link

2021 | Alexa Fluor 647 Tubulin

Gai, Y., Cook, B., Setru, S., Stone, H. A., & Petry, S. (2021). Confinement size determines the architecture of Ran-induced microtubule networks. Soft matter, 17(24), 5921-5931. Link

2021 | Lyophilized Tubulin

Morbidoni, V., Agolini, E., Slep, K. C., Pannone, L., Zuccarello, D., Cassina, M., … & Trevisson, E. (2021). Biallelic mutations in the TOGARAM1 gene cause a novel primary ciliopathy. Journal of Medical Genetics, 58(8), 526-533. Link

2021 | Cy5 Tubulin | Cycled Tubulin

Sladewski, T. E., Campbell, P. C., Billington, N., D’Ordine, A., & de Graffenried, C. L. (2021). A Trypanosoma brucei orphan kinesin employs a convergent microtubule organization strategy to complete cytokinesis. bioRxiv, 2021-11. Link

2021 | Cy5 Tubulin | Cycled Tubulin

Niedzialkowska, E., Truong, T. M., Eldredge, L. A., Redemann, S., Chretien, D., & Stukenberg, P. T. (2022). Liquid-liquid phase separation of the chromosomal passenger complex drives parallel bundling of midzone microtubules. bioRxiv, 2022-01. Link

2021 | Lyophilized Tubulin

Chen, Q., Plasencia, M., Li, Z., Mukherjee, S., Patra, D., Chen, C. L., … & Tesmer, J. J. (2021). Structures of rhodopsin in complex with G-protein-coupled receptor kinase 1. Nature, 595(7868), 600-605. Link

2021 | Cycled Tubulin

Povedano, J. M., Li, V., Lake, K. E., Bai, X., Rallabandi, R., Kim, J., … & McFadden, D. G. (2022). TK216 targets microtubules in Ewing sarcoma cells. Cell Chemical Biology, 29(8), 1325-1332. Link

2021 | Cy5 Tubulin | Cycled Tubulin

Sinclair, A. N., Huynh, C. T., Sladewski, T. E., Zuromski, J. L., Ruiz, A. E., & de Graffenried, C. L. (2021). The Trypanosoma brucei subpellicular microtubule array is organized into functionally discrete subdomains defined by microtubule associated proteins. PLoS Pathogens, 17(5), e1009588. Link

2021 | Biotin-XX Tubulin

Schneider, M. W., Gibson, B. A., Otsuka, S., Spicer, M. F., Petrovic, M., Blaukopf, C., … & Gerlich, D. W. (2021). A chromatin phase transition protects mitotic chromosomes against microtubule perforation. bioRxiv, 2021-07. Link

2020 | Lyophilized Tubulin

Rowlands, R. A., Chen, Q., Bouley, R. A., Avramova, L. V., Tesmer, J. J., & White, A. D. (2021). Generation of highly selective, potent, and covalent G protein-coupled receptor kinase 5 inhibitors. Journal of medicinal chemistry, 64(1), 566-585. Link

2020 | Lyophilized Tubulin

Métivier, M., Gallaud, E., Thomas, A., Pascal, A., Gagné, J. P., Poirier, G. G., … & Giet, R. (2021). Drosophila tubulin-specific chaperone E recruits tubulin around chromatin to promote mitotic spindle assembly. Current Biology, 31(4), 684-695. Link

2020 | Biotin-XX Tubulin

Povedano, J. M., Rallabandi, R., Bai, X., Ye, X., Liou, J., Chen, H., … & McFadden, D. G. (2020). A multipronged approach establishes covalent modification of β-tubulin as the mode of action of benzamide anti-cancer toxins. Journal of medicinal chemistry, 63(22), 14054-14066. Link

2020 | Cycled Tubulin

Mani, N., Jiang, S., Neary, A. E., Wijeratne, S. S., & Subramanian, R. (2020). Differential regulation of single microtubules and cross-linked bundles by a minimal three-protein module. bioRxiv, 2020-03. Link

2020 | Cycled Tubulin

Hirst, W. G., Biswas, A., Mahalingan, K. K., & Reber, S. (2020). Differences in intrinsic tubulin dynamic properties contribute to spindle length control in Xenopus species. Current Biology, 30(11), 2184-2190. Link

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