Newsletters for the year 2023

Journal Club – September 2023

Featured Articles Eren et al⁠. Structure, 2023.HIV-1 Rev is a crucial protein that plays a role in transporting specific viral mRNAs from the nucleus to the cytoplasm, which is essential for the production of viral structural proteins. As it moves between the nucleus and cytoplasm, Revcollaborates with various host proteins, leveraging the cell’s machinery for […]

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Journal Club – July 2023

Featured Articles Guo et al. and Gouveia et al. Nature Comm, June 2023 Back-to-back papers by the Polenova and Petry labs provide valuable insights into the complex processes of microtubule nucleation and cell division, highlighting the roles of TPX2 and chromosomes in these processes. In the publication authored by Changmiao Guo, researchers investigate the role

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Journal Club – June 2023

Featured Articles

Makaros et al. Mol. Cell. 2023
A study by Makaros et al. explores the role of C-terminal degrons in ubiquitin-independent proteasomal degradation. The study suggests that this mechanism may be crucial in coping with aberrant proteins accumulated in response to cellular stress. The conservation of C-degron-mediated degradation from bacteria to humans is also discussed, highlighting its evolutionary significance.

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