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Actin Protein In Biomedical Research

  • highly conserved superfamily of cytoskeletal proteins
  • actin monomers (globular G-actin) polymerize into actin filaments (filamentous F-actin), a major component of the cytoskeleton
  • linear and branched nucleation is mediated by formins and the Arp2/3 complex, respectively
  • inherent ATPase activity drives actin treadmilling
  • substrate for myosin motor proteins
  • essential for cardiac, skeletal, and smooth muscle structure and contraction
  • associated with cadherins and integrins important for cell adhesion
  • function in essential cellular processes including cell migration and cytokinesis
  • actin-binding proteins include villin, profilin, cofilin, troponin, tropomyosin, and more
  • actin mutations can cause myopathy and other human pathology
  • actin inhibitors include toxins such as latrunculin, Cytochalasin D, and phalloidin

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