Harnessing Cytoskeletal Proteins for Self-Assembling Innovations

PurSolutions is founded on a deep-rooted fascination with the cytoskeleton, or the intracellular network of self-assembling protein filaments.  Our mission at PurSolutions is two-fold:  to provide premium quality cytoskeletal proteins as easily accessible reagents and to pioneer efforts in self-assembling innovations.


We are resolved to providing cytoskeletal proteins as easily accessible and reliable reagents for researchers in the academic, pharmaceutical, and industrial sectors. As the cytoskeleton functions at the center of many essential eukaryotic processes, it serves as an entry point for the therapeutic intervention of a number of human diseases. We relieve researchers of the time requirements and uncertainties that accompany tubulin and actin purifications by offering a focused product line with an emphasis on quality and consistency. Our manufacturing facility grants us a strong command over the production pipeline as well as full transparency into the process. Researchers that have avoided commercial suppliers of cytoskeletal proteins in the past are trusting our products in their experiments. We take that to be the ultimate testament of quality. Ultimately, by offering quality products and outstanding customer service, we aim to accelerate cytoskeletal research and drug discovery efforts.

Research & Development

Cytoskeletal proteins polymerize by a process termed “self-assembly.” Crafted by billions of years of evolution, this natural phenomenon represents one of the most efficient and adaptable mechanisms imaginable. Self-assembly is a precise, scalable, and tunable manufacturing strategy that permits disordered parts to build a higher-order structure without the input of external guidance or energy. Self-assembly can be harnessed for synthetic applications across multiple disciplines, including electronics, robotics, and medicine. Our mission is to integrate self-assembly into the modern day innovation ecosystem to engineer designs as robust as nature itself.

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