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PurSolutions is a biotech manufacturing startup that specializes in purifying cytoskeletal proteins, namely tubulin and actin. PurSolutions was created in July 2015 by its three founding partners; Dr. Emma Sturgill, Beattie Sturgill, and Prash Singh. The concept for PurSolutions was formed by Emma during her doctorate work at Vanderbilt University, where she fostered a deep fascination for the cytoskeleton. During her graduate school and post-doc experiences, Emma too often observed delays and setbacks in research due to the time requirement for reagent generation and a lack of transparency from commercial suppliers. It was then that Emma knew she wanted to help accelerate the process of scientific discovery by providing pure, consistent cytoskeletal proteins as easily accessible and reliable reagents.

Enter Beattie and Prash. Emma knew she needed help to grow this idea into a viable business, so she recruited talent in business management and development. With over nine years of pharmaceutical manufacturing experience in various managerial roles, Beattie serves as a valuable asset in securing an effective supply chain while producing cost-effective products. And with a Master of Science in Biotechnology and over nine years experience in academia, Prash has the foresight to develop PurSolutions into an industry leader.

Our mission at PurSolutions is two-fold: to provide premium quality cytoskeletal proteins as easily accessible reagents and to become a hub for cytoskeletal research. We offer a focused product line that boasts the highest purity, activity, and batch to batch consistency in the market. We analyze every batch of Cycled Tubulin by mass spectrometry and provide researchers with the data. That’s full transparency. In addition to offering trusted products, we are developing a platform in which fellow scientists can voice ideas, collaborate with other researchers, and keep a finger on the pulse of an ever changing field. Ultimately, by offering quality products, outstanding customer service, and a platform for collaboration, we at PurSolutions aim to accelerate cytoskeletal research and drug discovery efforts.

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