Harnessing Cytoskeletal Proteins for Self-Assembling Innovations


We supply premium quality cytoskeletal proteins as easily accessible reagents and harness the cytoskeleton for self-assembling materials and devices.

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PurSolutions is a startup biotechnology company located in Nashville, TN at the Cumberland Emerging Technologies Life Science Center. We operate under the premise that nature has devised the most powerful and efficient mechanisms imaginable, and work at the intersection of biology and engineering to harness natural phenomena for synthetic applications. Our focus is on the cytoskeleton, or the cellular network of self-assembling protein filaments. As the cytoskeleton experts, our mission is to provide premium quality tubulin proteins and actin proteins as easily accessible, hassle free reagents for researchers in academia and industry.


The cytoskeleton is at the heart of human health and disease research, yet its study has been stifled by cumbersome reagent generation requirements. PurSolutions specializes in the production of cytoskeletal proteins to accelerate research with hassle-free, premium quality reagents. We relieve researchers of the time requirements and uncertainties that accompany tubulin and actin purifications by offering a focused product line with an emphasis on quality and consistency. Our manufacturing facility grants us a strong command over the production pipeline as well as full transparency into the process for our customers in the academic, pharmaceutical, and industry sectors. Now, researchers that have avoided commercial suppliers of cytoskeletal proteins in the past are trusting our products in their experiments. We take that to be the ultimate testament of quality. By offering premium quality products, budget-friendly custom services, and outstanding customer support, PurSolutions accelerates cytoskeletal research and drug discovery.

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Cytoskeletal proteins polymerize by a process termed self-assembly. Crafted by billions of years of evolution, this natural phenomenon represents one of the most precise, efficient, and tunable manufacturing strategies imaginable. Our mission at PurSolutions is to harness self-assembly and the cytoskeleton for synthetic applications in order to engineer materials and devices as robust as nature itself. Our research has been funded by America’s Seed Fund and the National Science Foundation for our technical merit and potential for major societal impact.
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NSF-Small Business Innovation Research recipient:
(National Science Foundation Award No. 1746992)

What do our Customers say?

4.8 out of 5 stars
“The Cycled Tubulin from PurSolutions is qualitatively as good as the one that we make in the lab. It is usable for live polymerization assay. To our knowledge, no other company managed to achieve this before and we can definitely recommend it!”
- Tubulin Product Customer
“Great solubility and clear labeling”
- Tubulin and Actin Customer
The (Ultra-Pure Actin) was good, slower polymerization kinetics than the too-fast Cytoskeleton Inc actin even without gel filtration. We'll order it again.”
- Actin Product Customer

The Solutions Team

A Cohesive Team of Forward Thinkers and Industry Insiders

Beattie - Co-founder

Beattie Sturgill, Co-Founder

Emma Sturgill, Co-Founder, Ph.D.

Emma - Co-Founder, PhD
Prash - Co-Founder

Prash Singh, Co-Founder

Beattie - Co-founder

Beattie Sturgill, Co-Founder

Emma - Co-Founder, PhD

Emma Sturgill, Co-Founder, Ph.D.

Prash - Co-Founder

Prash Singh, Co-Founder

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